Saturday, January 9, 2010

3D awesome

Since we're all still entangled in the depths of Pandora, here is some three-dee for your viewing unpleasure.

We all know 3D images = awesome, but most of the time you need super-duper 3D goggels. Not here. You have to stare at pictures cross eyed until the two images melt into one, resulting in a 3D view of the image. It works like a charm if you make a tunnel with your hands towards the image, so each eye only sees one of the images and not the other. :)

Read here and try for yourself:

I did a fast 3D version of a speedpainting from last year. The seagull and palm tree should be popping out. It's a good idea to download it and use an image viewer to look at it in fullscreen mode with black around it.

Some artists have already begun doing 3D versions of their images:

Here is a nice article for artists on how to do it:

There's an easier and ancient technique where you focus in the distance using a Screenscope Viewer. This will not put that much strain on your eyes. You can read more about Stereoscopy on Wikipedia.


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  2. Cool!
    There's another interesting presentation technique... just make a two-frame gif out of the images, that flips back and forth.

  3. David, do you have any links about that topic? Sounds somehow like how fields are used for polarized glasses :)

  4. Oh and David, do you remember that painting I used for the 3D test? ;)

    (Hope I didn't arouse any high-tech expectations. Lol!)

    Of course! I was talking with a paleontologist yesterday about how - if you haven't drawn it, you haven't seen it. I'll exclude a very small number of photographers from this generalization, but generally, drawing is a completely different level of digesting what you see. But then, I'm preaching to the choir....

  6. David, the gif looks... interesting. It makes my mind go youtube looping... but I can't see it in 3d! :O
    What must I do to see it in 3d? Does it work for you? Were you pulling my leg? :P

  7. I think the timing's a bit off... and it will always be a bit stressful on the eye, but yeah, the 3D effect pops through for me.

  8. You're pulling my leg ;)
    Or I don't know how to exactly do it.

    It's an animation?! :)

  9. Now you're pulling my leg! Its a 2 frame animation, yeah ;-)

  10. Yes, but I can't make it 3d with my brains! They can't compute! :O