Friday, December 18, 2009


Between research and concept work I can't stop thinking about Cameron's AVATAR.

The movie isn't an intellectual masterpiece in regards to the story. In fact it's "Dances with Wolves" in a SF setting. However, Avatar is a lot more than "just" a story. It's a narrative of a new and beautiful world, about inner struggle and redemption. And it's an attempt to bring people back into the cinemas with polarized 3D, something not many can experience at home.

Above all Avatar shows that with current and future technology movies are finally able to produce a believable new world and pass the boundaries of comic-style cg characters without getting lost in the uncanny valley.

With so much visual and creative denseness, project time and money at stake, who would blame Cameron to have chosen a story maybe as old as humanity itself to bring it all together?
If Avatar fails, the progress of movies that create whole new universes for a mature audience might get stuck for a decade. I sincerely hope it succeeds... but that's just my 2 cents so to speak :)

I have yet to try the game and see if it is a good adaption of cross media development and adds to the user experience within the Avatar universe.

Watch the Avatar trailer here:

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  1. I agree with you about the cross-platform, world-building approach, and how cool this can be as a genre. At the same time, the same tendency can become a trap, both creatively and in regard to production - because we live in a media world that is very herd-like.